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I am glad you talk of threefolding (Steiner's perspective on how a healthy society can be organized). I find his ideas very adequate for our times when everything is crumbling and life seems to have been turned on its head. We are witnessing a disintegration of society, its controlled demolition and it is causing cognitive dissonance among the best of us.

So we have to go back to basics and review the situation and also the possibilities for our future. We have now had plenty of time to react to all the aggravations of the past 2-3 years, that drained our energy and blocked our minds. Time to consider what we want to see in the future - how to organize society in ways that are even better than what we had before, which, to say it mildly, was not great.

Our thinking has become paralyzed by the heavy materialistic oversimplification of all we learn about living - time to declutter our brains from all those meaningless slogans we have lived with, believing someone else would "take care of things", cruising along without a sense of purpose, letting life happen around us, but never feeling truly alive.

In that sense, and in regard to society, threefolding is a beautiful and solid way to awaken our appetite for living again, to take on purposeful tasks - each of us wherever our strengths lie. For that, we may need to go for a robust learning curve and learn more about new ways to organize society and we can do this much better when many minds take up these fruitful ideas.

So, again - thanks for taking up this project, for educating and reminding us about what really matters and how to get going about it!

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Hey Ati - this is a wonderful comment, a wonderful picture you've painted. It is amazing how we've cruised along, believing others would take care of things, and how we need to look to the future, how we want to organize and build our social life, and how threefolding can be so enlivening for this work. It will certainly require many minds to make it fruitful, which is nerve-wracking but also exciting! I look forward to seeing how this work is able to grow between all of us. All the best - Seth

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