Listen (17 min): Amnesty International blasted after criticizing Israel’s controversial…A narrated version of the article
The difference between imaginary values and the value of the imagination
on the podcast "Against Everyone with Conner Habib"
Listen (17 min): To end all warsA narrated version of the article
But while the law is extreme, it's not some bizarre deviation of the nation-state idea, it's the very embodiment of it. And that's the problem.
Listen (11 min): A crucial lesson of the Great ResignationA narrated version of the article
Much of the reporting on Ukraine focuses on the horror of what’s happening, but at times one can also catch a glimmer of hope, a feeling of excited…
In today's nuclear age we won't survive another world war, so we need to address the deeper causes of such conflicts before it's too late.
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