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Listen (22 min): Rudolf Steiner on building healthy organizations

Listen (22 min): Rudolf Steiner on building healthy organizations

An audio version of the article

It’s not easy to work together. There’s a tension in it: Sometimes we want to be together — we find it inspiring and easier to get things done — but sometimes we want to be alone — we want freedom. So which side is right?

Of course both sides are right, but also neither of them, because what we’re really looking for is something we won’t find with a few superficial changes — there’s no perfect hybrid model. In reality, the whole nature of working together in organizations has to be understood at a much deeper level. The social insights of the 20th century social reformer, Rudolf Steiner, are invaluable for developing this understanding.

This is a recording of an article from February 12th, 2024. You can find the written version of the article here.

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