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Seth Thomas Jordan - this essay calls to you:

Trial, Triumph, and the Art of the Possible: The Remarkable Story Behind Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”


It's dark, but I hear a lonesome train passing down the escarpment between me and the great lake called Erie. Above me, up the grape-filled slopes, deer browse between mown fields, gas extraction wells, and a verdant forest that fills the gorge beyond the ridge. I cannot be much further west and still in New York. A mile or two from here the water flows to Lake Chautauqua and the Gulf of Mexico.


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Hi Seth,

Your comment about the impulse to fix what is broken in society gave me pause. It's usual to want to fix what is broken, but what caused it to break? Is the social function too weak to do what needs to be done? Is the form unsuited to what it's being asked to do? Might it be better to look at the function entirely (holistically) to see if another entire form would be more suitable. Think "Social Safety Net." I know there is something, many things, better.

Thanks for bringing forward the conversation that explores for the better things.

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